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ALL ABOUT LAM Technologies

LAM Technologies is a black owned company, based in Durban, South Africa. As well as being black owned and managed, LAM Technologies is also wholly dedicated to the empowerment of women in business. We are a level 3 BEE contributor and continually strive to improve our empowerment efforts.

In 2014, People Africa Consulting underwent rebranding and was reestablished as LAM Technologies. This rebranding meant the completion of the transition for LAM Technologies, toward a major focus on customer service management.

A unique scoring model was produced so as to allow for uniquely efficient statistical outcomes and comprehensive reporting of relevant information to our valued clients. This model is not new to the customer service market but is unique in its ability to adapt to varied market places and specific customer needs

People Africa Consulting was established in 2006, by Azrah Moolla and Sarah Pochee. Its initial purpose was aimed at providing human resources support and consulting to corporate clients. However, since then, Customer Service Management was identified as an ever growing and deeply necessary part of modern business, the focus at LAM Technologies shifted toward customer relations consulting.

This refocusing of the organization and its resources allowed LAM Technologies to truly establish its brand, it provided the opportunity for a shift in management and management style, as well as the opportunity to more comprehensively explore and pursue diverse corporate clients in many industries.

We are the ‘new kids on the block’ so to say, but we believe that the knowledge and expertise that we yield as well as our experience in the corporate sphere has provided us with the tools to ensure our success in every project/endeavor.